Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The weekend and everything after

So for the rest of Saturday, we got the girls their measles jabs (I've gone single vaccine route, as neither dh or I could live with ourselves if anything did go wrong that we could have prevented) so dd1 had her pre school booster and dd2 had her 1st jab, neither of them cried, so hurrah big brave girls. Dd1 is currently fascinated by the Dr's as her 'Auntie' has just qualified as a Dr, so she insisted on watching the needle go in, with a look of horror on her face, but she didn't moan until we got outside, and she didn't cry at all, which is a huge bonus.

It's ss's (stepsons) birthday next week, so we did birthday tea at Grandma's. Dad's old friend and one time worker, G popped over to see him, he's just been promoted at work, so now has nice office and car :-) great to see he's doing well for himself. I do like to see someone whose worked hard get up the ladder. It was even nicer to hear, he's earned so much in the last year, he's just had two months off to prevent him going into the next tax bracket! Oh how I dream of doing that!! Mind you if I'd have stayed in my old job, I would be doing that by now, only without the two months off a year like G, and that's really not worth it with the kids, after all they're only young once!

Sunday we were supposed to go to BIL/SIL's for the day, but BIL ill, so I ended up sorting out washing/ironing, boooooo, cleaning dd1's room with her and putting up a pile of pics, I've been meaning to do for ages. The boys played world of warcraft, sigh......there's something wrong there isn't there? me working on my day off?

So got revenge yesterday and once all kids at school, pre school and nursery, I dragged myself into Derby. Got dd2's broken buggy swapped, got a new phone and tariff, hurrah! can now do photos, vids and music on phone, very techno for me :-) and did coffee and cake with Daemara. Then another friend popped by in afternoon, so shucks, more coffee and nattering. I successfully didn't get any work done, so better make up for it today, the accounts are looming, bah!

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