Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Mile for Maude

So we did Mile for Maude on Saturday www.mileformaude.com with the Derby Crew, was a nice walk, it even managed to hold off with the rain, bar one quick, heavy shower! M came and did photos for us, Clary has ensured they're in the paper this coming weekend, with a bit of spiel :-) so hopefully we've raised a bit of money for FSID www.sids.org.uk . Maude's case will be in the papers over the coming weeks, as her mother has sold the rights to make money for FSID. This is indeed a truly worth cause. Her case is unusual, as she was aged 2, when it happened, having her afternoon nap :-( most cases are babies (under 12 months) when this happens, so its vital that further research is done into the matter, to try to save other parents the heartache and pain that Maude's family are going through.

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