Monday, 15 October 2007

The quest for shelves

I've been attempting to obtain shelves for about a week now, out of stock has been the stock phrase, but wait! possibly in???? so I went to the hallowed halls of Blue and Yellow.......

Then I lost my rag. Had a nice breakfast there for 95p! and then made the mistake of joining the throng, in an attempt to get served in the shelving department. The girls and I, formed a nice que just before 11am at an information point, along with about 10 other couples. Eventually someone in 'customer service' dragged themselves to the area to say, oh, no staff here yet (11.08) you'd better go and join the que at the sofa department. Took one look, 30 deep minimum. Left in a huff along with several other people. So my search for shelves for the shop window began in ernest elsewhere, having waited a week in vain.

B&Q we're not far away, so we payed them a quick visit. Very quick, as they had no free standing shelving at all........why not????

Next on the list was Argos, which luckily for me had two of the shelves I settle on and two TV stands as well :-) (small stack on one side?!) Even got a nice young man to help me to the car with the lot, although his manager didn't look very happy about it! I just waved 4 items, a buggy and a 3 year old at him and he told the young gentleman to help :-)

Popped into Homebargins, which was fortuotus for dd1, as they had the last Dora Blanket on sale, so its residing on top of the freezer as her end of week, been good as gold treat! The threat of dd2 getting it if she fails seems to be working ;-)

So that was it really, more trudging than I'd have liked with the kids in tow, but you can't have everything, right?

They're now up in the shop window, ready for opening on Thursday (one day I'll get photos on this blog) mainly with stock on them, although I'm expecting 3 deliveries tomorrow, which should complete our little venture for now! I spent the rest of today putting the GW (Games Workshop) racking together, then getting the stock onto it. I'm getting quite excited now, I even have throwing dice for the first person who tries to rob us, improvised weapon right ;-)


Richard said...

So your open Thursday, hmm not sure if I should wait until Saturday to visit or the official opening. If I visit I will bring my Camera see if we can get some good shots for the temporary website or not as you wish.

Meridian Ariel said...

I don't know what Matt is doing thursday but will ask him to go drag his camera around to you if you like. If he hasn't already offered his services so he can have a nosey round.

all is well in the wilds of Idaho.