Monday, 1 October 2007

Coming Soon

There will be more coming soon on this blog honest!

I've been rather busy, with my dh, opening up our new comic, games and collectables shop :-)
so apologies for being AWOL, but sometimes that's how these things go......once I'm in the shop, I'll be blogging every day!

So in the big, live, real world, I've been upto the following during Sept and probably a whole lot more as well.

We've morphed from to so as you can imagine, the larp team have been very busy bees, and I'm very grateful to them all, especially Richard and Julie who have put lots of effort into sorting out the new website for us :-) Many thanks!

Dh and I have been running around like loonies, sorting solicitors, loans, phones, stock, tills, signs etc - Much thanks again to Dave P, for his fantastic logo, which the printers are currently working into a huge over the shop and small in the window type signs. Shop fittings are brought and arrive today! It's all very exciting :-)

I also snuck out for a day, the other saturday and joined Meridian at a 1 day writing course, to kick start my writing again. Much thanks to Daniel Blythe for running it and booting me up the arse to do something, soon, honest....I will be doing more soon, once things calm down a little, shop 1st etc!

No time for any more, have lots to do, but thought I'd get my poor little blog updated ;-)


Richard said...

Thanks for thanks, I'm quite pleased with the end result.

Dave's logo is excellent, I hope you have sent him a copy of the nice silvery one your graphics guy did.

Julie said...

There's a nice silvery one? Nope, we haven't seen the finished result yet on the logo...

Frizbe said...

Not yet, cause I was waiting for the actual files from him!! not just his random mock ups.....