Friday, 12 October 2007

A moment to breathe

and relax.......that's how this evening is feeling. Dh is away running LARP in York, the last Strangehaven event of the year there's also a link on the side of this blog if anyone fancies a look! The kids are in bed and have finally fallen asleep, even though dh rang and spoke to them, dd2 still doesn't quite get it and has been randomly yelling dada for approx 2 hrs, bless her. So here I am, with Ugly Betty in the background, taking two minutes to post on here!

The last few days have been hectic, but we're getting there with the shop We have signs up in the windows, the shelvings all in, mainly with stock on it too! just 3 final deliveries on monday, then we have the window displays to do, the till manual to read, then once thats running, so are we :-)
As you may guess that's mainly what I've been doing this week!

Very annoyed at my phone today though, found out, totally by accident, why no one has been replying to my texts since Wednesday. I appears something went wrong with the sending? as I turned out to have 3 days worth of stuff in my outbox going nowhere when I looked. V Annoyed, luckily someone called from the shop fitters to check why they'd not received a photo message I'd sent them two hours previously, otherwise I'd still be thinking everything was ok! Had to delete 3 days worth of sent messages, and re message a few people, none of whom had received anything from me, and all of whom were no doubt thinking I was an ignorant git!

Hmmmmm, its rather nice to have time to post on here, quite like a bit of time to myself. Dh doesn't understand that much, he likes my company, but I've always liked a bit of quiet me time, so its nice to get the odd evening when he's away. It also means I can eat what I like, tonights odd combination was noodles, (he hates them) with broccoli and fishcakes (on the cheap pile in shop) followed by cheesecake, which my waistline says I probably shouldn't be eating, but well, its a weekend, right?

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Richard said...

Broccoli, fishcakes & noodles hmm not sure myself, you know what I enjoyed that I don't eat often a baked potato with baked beans, melted butter and cheese.