Monday, 8 October 2007

Blinking spanner things?

So does anyone know how I get rid of those spanner things on the links at the side of this page, damned if I can seem to do it?!!

Shop is coming along, if I ever manage to download the photos on my phone, you'll be able to see what it looked like last Saturday!! its come on since then too. Today I have finished fitting all the plastic slats into the slat wall, cleaned them all down, hoovered the shop, brought a door mat and fabric for the window displays and spent ages on the phone to various companies chasing and placing orders! Not to mention putting the new phone onto charge (24 hrs it needs apparently) and firing up the new stereo! music! yeah!!

and on that rather illeterate note I shall go to bed, get some beauty sleep and do it all again tomorrow, deliverys ahoy!


Richard said...

I think you find the spanners only show up to *you* when you log into to edit, to the rest of us they are not there. Honest I'm not lying, although I can see spanners on my blog.

Julie said...

Yep, the spanners are there so you can click on things and modify them. You're the only one who can see them as the blog admin/owner.

I just saw the pictures of the intended signage. All I can say is Wow! :)

Frizbe said...

ahhhhhhhh, oh that's ok then!