Tuesday, 20 March 2007

There's a theme here.......

......and it appears to be lack of time to blog!!
So what have I been doing since I last wrote?

Well, we managed to get the £40.00 worth of Pizza credit eaten, which was nice! Our friends came over on Red Nose day and we demolished it then. Many thanks to them, once again for our lovely presents from the USA.

Saturday saw us trekking to Birmingham, for a day out at the Science Museum. Enjoyed by all, although dh did scarper half way through the day to meet up with his friend, (but we had pre-arranged that) So went round some of it with just my friend and the kids. We did a split, so ss could do the Lego robot thing with my friend. I got to do Kid City with the girls, who loved it and could have stayed there all day.

Do-nuts called however, so I dragged everyone to Krispy Kreme Do-nuts (thankfully for my waistline they're an hours drive away!) So we brought 12, got 12 free thanks to my friends student discount! and then due to friends tall, blonde, slim ability to chat up random blokes behind the counter, we got another 6 free! plus the kids had blagged two whilst in line, so we were heaving with sugary fatness.

Met dh and his mate back at the museum. Pizza hut was selected as the venue for tea. This didn't go down well with dd2, who was starving/wanted to run around too, so I spent some of the evening walking around with her outside, at which point she stuck her finger into some, horrible persons spit.......... I just about got it before she put it in her mouth. Lots of wet wipes later, I was happier, dd2 obviously, didn't care. Que me gibbering about it for the rest of the evening. My mind was put at rest on Sunday tho, as friend, who is nearly a qualified Dr, assured me she'd looked it up and all risk was minimal. The things kids do!

I wasn't overly happy with Pizza huts quality of food that night either, as I wanted pasta, they had none........so the Pizza I ordered, sadly did not conform to Domino's standards, and arrived half burnt (I like my pepperoni none crispy), sigh. Then with dd2 kicking off again, I spent the next half hour, walking her around outside in the buggy (no more spit incidents please!) whilst everyone else ate desert inside (my waist line didn't need it anyway!!)

Sunday woke me up at the sprightly hour of 7am, so I stuck my head back under the covers as it was mothers day. Dh begrudgingly got up, particularly as he'd also got up twice (I love mothers day!!) The kids and dh pounced on me at 7.30, with 7 cards (some homemade) the Mothers Handbook, Gordon Ramsey's latest cookbook and a pen and notepad, awwww, oh and Izzy's latest painted plate!! Checked out the weather, ummm snow!! Did I say spring had sprung, March for you, in like a lamb, out like a lion.
We scoffed breakfast and headed for Great grandma's. Once we'd picked her up, popped to Carolines to grab the post, and examine the fence (it belonged to the bottom neighbours and they've fixed it, hurrah!) and then onto Grandmas.

One toilet break later, we trekked to Spalding in Lincolnonshire, for a day of shopping (outlet mall) and a bash in the play centre. Happy everyone tho, so that's what counts, I even managed to get a new bra in my size in the M&S outlet!! woooo hoooooooo
McArthur Glen take note, get some soft play at your outlet malls!

Monday was spent with the kids at nursery and after the trek to Leeds to drop off ss I layered up (snow) and sorted out the garage, I now know where things are! Can reach the fuse box when required and have a pile of kit in the kitchen, which I'm slowly washing and mending!!
Hectic, moi?!

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