Friday, 9 March 2007

Spring has sprung

I do believe so anyway! spent a nice hour tinkering in the garden yesterday (Thursday), gaw'd I sound like my mother! but dd2 was asleep and the sun was so inviting, that I couldn't help but go outside. The only problem was when I got out there I noticed all the damn bind weed in my 'herb garden'. Ok so its 5 Herbs, but its a start! oh and one of those might not have survived the winter, but we shall see.......anyway its all gone now, along with a few dandelions that had tried to set themselves as well. Death to all invading weeds says I.

I'd dragged my mother and the kids to the garden centre on Wed lunchtime to a) eat, b) look at the fish, cause the kids like them and next doors are still under their winter cover c) Get some anti cat plants, because someones moggy keeps pooing on our lawn. Why when it can go in the border, I have no idea. I am not happy about it. Anyway long story short, cat plants annual, so none available yet, bah! think I will invest in an electrical device, courtesy of Argos, which assures me once fitted (electrics in the garden a pain, but in this case worth it) no moggies in sight. No poo for the kids to tread in or try to eat. Mind you the plants are cheaper.....hmmmmmmmm........Due to toxoplasmosis hazard for the young ones, electrics win.
Which reminds me, I must ring up to sort single jabs for dd2.

I digress! so whilst at the garden centre I end up coming home with rather more than I intended, ahem. 1 x Rhodedendrum, which so the label assures me is a smaller version than normal. This is now filling a nice gap on the back fence, starting to turn the space a bit pink. This is good, as dh accidently killed off most of the clematis up there last year, when he sprayed it with fence stain. Men. I also grabbed a pack of 6 Heathers, these are also now filling a few gaps in the borders. My aim is to get the garden looking vaguely mature, so when we sell in, hopefully 2 years, it will look nice to viewers. Yet not hard to maintain. (If you know me, you will know I've been trying to get us to move house for the last few years! I'm not a new house girl and I like the country!)

I've dug the rocking snail out, pulled the playhouse, that Santa delivered, back onto the decking. Once I'm sure there will be no more wind for a few months, I'll re attach the roof. In the meantime it stays off, so it doesn't do a Dorothy. Just the slide to re errect. Then I get to clean the lot, oh joy! What I wouldn't give for a power hose.

Its all looking good out there now. Daffodils are coming up, crocus' and snowdrops already abound. I like spring, It gives me a warm happy glow. Now where did I put that wasp collecting jar?

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