Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Help, I've grown a stalker.......of sorts anyway! Its my own fault, I shouldn't be nice to old ladies.

The one lady in question is a neighbour of mine. I hope if she ever reads this, she doesn't get offended, as she did get broadband yesterday, so is perfectly internet savvy. However she may wish to question her behaviour......

This all started a while back, when I held a Virgin Vie party and invited the whole close. They obviously didn't all turn up, as they never do for these things, but I was very grateful to those who did, we had a nice night and I did ok out of it. In return I recently vaguely agreed to attend her daughters Pampered Chef party, but now it appears their organising the whole bloomin thing around me!

She collared me in the street several times last week, asking what dates I was free. Then she came over saturday, when I was out and grabbed dh about it, he fielded her questions and told her I'd be back in touch later. Laughing as he explained to me he thought they were organising it around me. I told him not to be so stupid, as I thought her daughter would know lots of people already, surely I'm just another body to make up the numbers?

Oh no.....Yesterday morning, Monday, she turned up at my doorstep, after I had just walked in the door from dropping the kids at nursery. I'd just seated myself joyously on the loo (bearing in mind, my poor bladder had just had a trip down the M1 from Leeds in a rather full capacity. We'd also been via the nursery) So I had to shout her to wait a minute, which she duely did. We then conversed for about 15 minutes, I got my diary out, as she wanted to know when I was free for said party, as the discussions we'd had last week, hadn't yeild'd any suitable dates. She then proceeded to phone me, no less than six times during the day, to confirm or deny suitable dates with her daughter. Surely if your organising one of these things, you wouldn't normally do this with someone you hardly know?

So you can understand why I say I seem to have a stalker of sorts on my hands, or maybe she's just a savvy older lady, out to make a cut, from her daughters evening party! (I daren't tell her I'm skint!)

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