Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Pizza curse?

I think we have a Pizza curse. Its been growing for a while. Now I know you're thinking I'm going a bit mad, but let me explain.

Before Xmas we had friends around for the night. As is customary in these cases, we brought the obligatory booze (as did they!) , We also offered them a choice of food. Curry, Chinese or Pizza. They opted for the latter. So being in the sticks, we ordered from our local none branded Pizza place.
'It'll be with you in 3/4 of an hour' chimed the chap on the phone.
We continued to drink, 3/4 of an hour came and went. I rang back.
'Oh sorry, we are cooking it right now, it will be with you in half an hour' Still sounding sincere, and we're not quite starving yet, so all OK.
We leave it for a further half an hour, just to be on the safe side.
'Hello, blah blah Pizza'
'So this Pizza I ordered an hour and 3/4 ago' Stern tone of voice
'Oh, ah, yesssss, there's been a problem with the delivery person, but its definitely on its way, will be with you in 15 min's'
To cut a long story short, it took another hour and 15 min's and a bicker over reduced payment with the delivery guy for us to get our Pizza. So we decided never to order from there again.

We had a void in our takeaway choice.....all was looking bleak, until, suddenly, from out of the blue, a leaflet was sent by the Gods. Opening offers, Pizza chain store (who advertise often on TV) opening soon in the next town over, will deliver to you!

All started well, dh was delighted, all his culinary needs, (bar the lack of decent American do-nut shop) we're being met on a Saturday night. Similarly the kids were impressed to, as was I, hurrah! a night off cooking! Then, for no apparent reason, things started to go wrong. Maybe its a low wage problem? Being frequent customers however, the management straight away sent us a free pizza of our choice. This was the first week the order got delivered late (without us complaining) it also came with a grovelling apology, in writing. We were happy. The following week, the order came an hour late again..... this time with two deserts, a bottle of coke and an additional pizza, again without our complaining. Again we were happy. This weekend however it totally went to pot.

Dh's friend is here. We order Pizza at 7.20pm. We have a drink. I put salad on my plate, as a girl does. Wait for pizza, chat n watch TV. The programme we're watching finishes. I say to dh, chase the Pizza, he says no, it's fine. Half an hour later, he chases the pizza, which is on its way, on oven has broken down. A further half hour later, they think they have already delivered it, but as they haven't, we are awarded £25.00 credit. Our pizza will be with us shortly. We wait. I eat my salad. We wait some more. At 10pm I crack, against the wishes of dh, I go an phone them again. They're really sorry, they really do think they have sent it out for delivery. As I obviously haven't got it, (am doing pathetic girly starvation noises down the phone) They whack our credit up to £40.00, say very, very, sorry, it'll be with us soon. At 10.50, finally it arrives, with a delivery girl we have seen before and another bottle of coke as an apology. We pounce upon the holy grail, its feeding time at the zoo. Ten minutes later, the boxes are clean, we are stated.

The question remains though. If we attempt to use our credit, will it be delivered the same day? Should we order a day in advance, to be sure? or just accept our cursed Pizza fate and give up? surely buying from the store is cheaper anyway and not that much more work. I'm wondering what we need to do to break the pizza curse?

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Christa said...

Use the credit, but on a night where it is just you and DH who are expecting a wait (OR plan it 3 hours in advance, and it'll turn up within 20 mins ;))