Monday, 5 March 2007

A Message from the Gods?

Maybe it was a message from the Gods? maybe the intended target was the car? was I occupying the wrong bit of time and space? or was it intentional? I've heard its good luck?! but it sure didn't feel that way.....only one thing is for certain, I'll never know the exact answer, as to why that damn bird, poo'd on my head this morning! as I was putting dd2 back into her car seat outside Mc Donalds.

Let me explain......We have a McDonalds breakfast on a Monday every other week, as I have to take Stepson back to school (he lives approx 55miles away from us) and we have to beat the dredded traffic que into Leeds, a feat in itself. The only place open for breakfast in his locality at 7.30am is the dreaded McD's, trust me I've tried to find somewhere else and failed, miserably. So there we were all four of us (my saint of a friend who usually drops off dd1 at pre-school is away) clambering back into the car, after a feast of McMuffins with Jam and Porridge (see you can get an ok'ish breakfast there!) when I felt the splat of doom on my head.

Stupidly I reached up to check and put my hand in it, 'sigh'. This then meant that the next 5 minutes were spent with me dancing around the outside of the car, shaking off the excess, whilst the kids roard with laughter inside. Luckily I had wetwipes in the nappy bag on the front seat, so at least I could clean myself up, as best I could, before turning up at the school gates.

Oh the joys of a Monday morning.

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