Thursday, 1 March 2007

Always on the run

Certainly seems that way these days!

So one at pre-school, one having a morning nap, that's the kids sorted for now. So where was I? ah yes, my mission for the year. To re-create some sort of post baby life for me!
I've decided that apart from helping dh to run our business, trying my hand at freelance writing, something I've not ventured into for many a year now, is where I'm watch this space!

In the meantime the cunning plan for today is to escape around to a friends house, for lunch with a bunch of kids, so they entertain themselves, giving us adults a chance to have a natter! does this mean I'm a yummy mummy??? hardly don't think I'm rich enough for one thing......does mean more hands make light work of dinner though.
I don't suppose this helps with my new freelance writing career though? but how do you manage to work and have kids, when your the one 'looking after' them........I feel some late nights and early mornings may be called for in a working capacity, not changing wet beds/dirty nappies, or feeding screaming kids.
I guess this blog is a start eh! if nothing else a quick twitter to whomever is reading (cups hands and shouts) 'Hello out there' sure gets you in the right frame of mind......oh drat, time to go and pick up the eldest again! the best laid plans.........


Chanting Buddha said...

Ah .. life post Sugarbump eh :-)

Always fancied doing some writing too .. my main thing is what to write about. I've kind of set myself a task of writing some kind of mini book on the Buddhism I practise ... by the end of the year ... less Neighbours more scribbling methinks :-)

Good luck with it


Stormcrow & Flame said...

I'm another one - always wanted to write, but have no idea what about!! I was guessing nappies ;) Emma said she'd sell a "cloth nappies for dummies" if I ever get round to it.