Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Who moved relocation relocation?

What were Chanel 4 thinking, there was I looking to do my HUGE pile of ironing, whilst watching Kirsty and Phil and they've only gone and put stoooopid Celebrity Big Brother on in its place, grump, they could have shifted another programme surely, I have to wait for Heston at 9pm before I can iron, honestly, what's a girl to do. (ignore the ironing perhapse?)

I've utilized my time wisely mind. I've managed to reply to Naturegirl via email! as she's my swap partner for the Owl swap. I didn't mean to be rude, not replying quickly, but I've just not had time to get on the computer much. I've also dived on here to update you all too!

Meridian has sent me a twitter invite, so I will get around to that over the next few days too, argh where is my time going?

This morning, I dragged Meridian out for a Starbucks breakfast, thinking it would be a nice treat for us and dd2 as well, I think dd2 agreed, she seemed happy enough. We then mooched to Next Homestore, Laura Ashley, BHS Homestore and finally Ikea. The reason? I needed to check out curtains for dd1's new bedroom, (dd2 having dd1's room, ss moving to dd2's room, dd1 into ss's room, do you follow?) as she has requested Butterflies.......I now have several pairs that I can show her at some point. I also picked up a new trofast unit for her bedroom storage, plus a new bookcase on half price sale, hurrah! dd2 can have the old bookcase currently bulging at the seams in dd1's room. I got a few ideas for ss's room too, as dh wants to set him (read them) up with a 'media centre'( = computer gaming room/boys hidey hole) and thus he'll need new units to pop his stuff on, rather than the current status of stuff all over the place, trust me a hazard warning sign is required at the moment! Most of it is dh's fault however, as he keeps dumping his man stuff in ss's room. Most men have a 'man drawer', or desk or somthing, in which they chuck all their junk, dh has ss's of these days I will train him otherwise.


Richard said...

Ah blue sky thinking is what you need.

Apryl said...

good luck with that whole training thing... I heard somewhere that men are like puppies and you sometimes have to rub their noses in it.. *l*