Monday, 26 January 2009

Girls Night In

Well tea at Meridians last night was very yummy! Her dh can go away again :-)
Let me tempt your taste buds with the following treats.
Homemade Pizza (I had ham, mushroom and pepper) accompanied by homemade garlic bread and salad, with blue cheese dressing, very yummy.
Meridian then out did herself by producing a home-made chocolate cheesecake to die for.
Meri your a star!
Thus we chilled out and ate, whilst watching Pineapple Express on DVD, which if you've not seen it I recommend. A Lovely night in.


Apryl said...

*LOL* glad you enjoyed it!

Richard said...

Because I'm jealous of the nice sounding food, I've decided I think that's a lot of calories to work off :P

Frizbe said...

WHAT!!! Mr Hunt, you deserve, oooh u just wait......