Friday, 30 January 2009

Media Rant.

Argh, this country is truely going down the pan.

The BBC are currently hammering the state of the economy home again, like we want to know, how much doom and gloom they can possibly spin. Yes, we know its rubbish out there, but the media aren't exactly helping the sitution are they, christ, they've even whipped up a few frenzies and put otherwise stable companies out of business. Look what happened with Northern Rock, a slight wobble, made massive by the media and poof, nationalized to save its ass. Same thing has happened with several shops, poor old Land of Leather only stopped taking cash deposits over Xmas, as they couldn't bank the money and you don't want large cash deposits hanging around to get stolen (can anyone tell me why no banks have night safes any more?) then the media whipped up a frenzy and now they're out of business....I saw a good quote from the boss of River Island today the best thing the government can do for UK retail is "stay in bed all day and leave us all alone" I have to say, I agree, they don't have much idea about running a business at all, otherwise they wouldn't have arsed around with the bloody vat rate in the 1st place. Much better to give all businesses a years council tax break, now that would have helped us all out, particularly small businesses.

I'm seriously thinking of withholding our TV licence fee, until the media actually find something nice to put on the news, surely at least one item a day could be vaguely uplifting, seriously they seem to have East Enders syndrome, doom, gloom and more misery. There are nice things out there going on, they're just choosing to ignore them, bah. Actually I take some of that back, as local news just reported something nice, 'The Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre' hurrah, one positive thing in a whole half hour.


Richard said...

I agree, the BBC are contributing factor to whole depressed economy.

Flame said...

it is just getting worse by the day. The car salesman was saying that if the economy is in the state that the media are telling us, how come Black Horse phone him every day asking if they can offer finance to anyone???