Tuesday, 6 January 2009

How's the diet going?

Well Meridian asked the question, so I'd better answer it!

Yes, I've done the traditional new year thing and shoved myself onto a diet of sorts. I say of sorts, as actually this is how I should eat all year round, but living with 4 other people your eating habits tend to change, often for the worse. Thus I am attempting weight watchers once again. It worked for me after giving birth to dd1, when I'd put on loads of weight, mainly I think due to bagles in pregnancy (raisen and cinnamon ones to be precise) I didn't intentionally over eat them, just had one a day and well, you know what happens (kinda like Peter Kay says Chips = Hips!) It did take me roughly a year to loose the excess weight courtesy of dd1, it also took a lot of aikido classes and a spot of running too, once I'd had dd2, aikido became near imposible (sob) so I joined the local gym, which has pretty much kept me in trim (and it only took me 8mths to loose the dd2 weight) but I have to say over Xmas in particular, eating rubbish has taken it's toll, so its back on the wagon for me.

Thus we're now eating lots of healthy soups, which is good becuase dh likes those. I'm avoiding the really fattening things with mega points like bacon, (sausages not too bad they're even in the recipe book bit, that you get with the cd) and not having much pizza....can get away with a few slices and salad, rather than a whole pizza to myself, ahem (whispers, its living with dh you know!) There is some grumbling from dh's direction about, oh no, not roast veg again, which is silly, because its lovely, I guess that's just a man thing, most of the ones I know only 'do' peas.....

I've also been a very good girl and started using the gym more than once a week again (I missed it for the whole of Dec due to that row, see previous posts) I have advised dh, much to his glee (he can spend more time at work on online games when I'm not there to monitor him) that I will be missing from work for 1.5 hrs a day, due to excercise. (the benifits of self employment are finally being reaped 5 years on)

I managed gym yesterday, where I walked fast uphill (apparently better for you than running on weightloss stakes?) cross trained, rowed and weight lifted (are you feeling tired yet?) Today I did Yogalates, (Yoga/Pilates crossover), although I have to say I liked the look of the keepfit class which was on before too (another mum friend came out of that one and said it was good) So I will probably try that one next week. Tomorrow I have dd2 all day, so nothing going on, but Thursday I've scheduled a swim with Meridian and Friday its Yoga. Hopefully variation is the key to keeping it interesting and loosing my podgy middle bits, be gone muffin top, alakazam! we shall see?

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Flame said...

I was tired at "I managed gym yesterday"

Boy always loved the basic 0 point veg soup, I really should make some batches of that again.