Saturday, 10 January 2009

Brrrrrrrrrrr its cold/Home Shopping

Totally freezing here all day apparently -1 is the warmest its gotten. I'm really hoping this lovely cold winter, will bring about a proper spring and summer for a change too (or is that too much to ask of our knackered climate?)

In the spirit of a freezing Saturday, we have huddled at Meridians this am, the grownup's drinking coffee, whilst the kids played various ds games.....and watched some of Clone Wars, till they got bored. We've also crawled around Sainsburys, along with the rest of town, as it was mega busy. I don't know what the check out assistant made of us, but with one chicken (for roasting tomorrow) and rather a lot of soup (4 x tomato, 5 x dh for the week and 5 x weight watchers for me) plus bread and canned fruit, I'm sure she must have been giggling to herself in her head at my obvious health kick. There was a packed of chocolate biccies on there though, just because they we're half price and the kids nagged me, soft touch me eh!

Last night after work, I de-iced the car and Meridian and I popped over to a friends, who was having a Virgin Vie party, we were the last to arrive and things were in full swing, so we snuck to the back of the room and perused the catalogues, whilst our friend got her face made up and the products demonstrated. I've ordered ssomething that is supposed to diffuse light and make my eyes look human in the morning, plus some new foundation, as I'm not happy with some stuff I brought last year (not virgin product), not that I wear it much anyway, but I'm not getting any younger, so every little helps :-) They also had some facecloths on sale, at 2 x £1.50, which I thought was good, they're 99p each in Boots, so I got those too, if I don't use them, the girls will. So not quite a cheap night out for me, but good to see friends and get out of the house after my confined Christmas.


Richard said...

Yep its cold -3 this morning at Morrison which was also very busy.

Flame said...

I really like the sound of a day like that. Just general "being" with people you like