Monday, 6 July 2009


What on earth did I just do???
I've entered an online writing competition, yikes.....good news is its an American thing, so I won't even be keeping tabs on it, just waiting for the rejection email instead! still at least it means I've written something! gotta be in it to win it as they say.
Its all Meridians fault, she decided that we'd do something slightly different for the book and writing group this week and she found the competition! I'm hoping she's submitted her Poision Apple Tree story as its rather good, will beat my pathetic entry by far! mind you they're also two totally different types of fiction anyway!

Other news this week, Loki our new cat is settleing in well, he's got a reprieve on the VET for his injections until next week, as they want to be sure he's 9 weeks and cat rescue weren't sure if he was 7 or 8 weeks when we got him, so he's up for jabs next week instead. He's been shockingly using his basket, which in my experience cats just don't do, I mean come on, they're usually 'better' than that right, you know, entitled to use the bed/best seat they can find in the house, but hey I'm not complaining. He's been a star with the litter tray, no accidents so far and is slowly learning to jump from sofa to sofa and up onto the chairs. The table has been attempted a few times, but he's been immediately lifted to the floor, so has given up until we're not looking. Other news is, smoked cheese and curry are a must attempt to get to eat, no matter how much dh and I say no! thus he's generally spending mealtimes in a different room to us, as we hate to see him so disapointed! He's currently sitting on my tap as I type, trying to chew a bangle I crafted yesterday round at Meridians, I'll post pictures later, as I don't want to spoil my craft swap for the 50's B Movie swap, that Meridian has organised, as I've just posted it today, but its off to the states, so will take around 2 weeks to get there! keep your eyes peeled on these here pages!