Monday, 29 June 2009

Our new addition

Meet Loki, our new addition to the family! We've been expecting an arrival for a few weeks, and on Sunday got the call from the Cats Protection League to say that they'd found us a suitable young man and I have to say I think they got it spot on.
He's 7/8 weeks old and has lost his mummy to a traffic accident........not that he's bothered now, as he's getting lots of fuss and attention here, let me tell you this is not a timid cat. The current reciept of his attention however appears to be the patio window blinds, a source of much amusement it appears, good job his claws were snipped this morning before we got him, so at least he's not climbing them today at least. Dd1 has so far drawn him two pictures of himself and re allocated her toy dog kennel for him to sleep in, dd2 is still at nursery so has yet to meet him, no doubt that will keep us amused until bedtime!


Apryl said...

bless he looks startled!

glad the "L" won in the end..

Richard said...

Loki that's a good name for a cat - Cat Lord of Mischief.

Will see him soon if he's not been tired out by the too much attention.

Julie said...

He does look very sweet and full of mischief. I hope you have a supply of toys to hand to distract him from the blinds!

Loki - Prince of Lies, Lord of Mischief... Yes, I can certainly see it in his little eyes. ;)