Wednesday, 15 July 2009

50's B Movie Craft Swap

This is what arrived in the post this morning from for the 50's B movie craft swap that Meridian sorted out for us all. Do you like my gwibbly blob monsters? the kids do, and guess which one they've been fighting over! that's right the Pink one, dd1 has won so far and its in her bedroom. I've also got some lovely choc to scoff whilst watching the enclosed DVD 'The Vampire Bat' eeeeeekkkk!!!!! plus a lovely eye mask to help me get some decent rest and more thread for stiching yay!

Here's what I sent to Miya, A Were Rabbit Tea Towel, some evil mushrooms to hang, a booklet for the warding of vampires, some knitting needle bracelets, plus yarn for knitting and some scrummy choc and choc covered popcorn for watching B Movies with!
What a cool swap, wonder if I can create the time for another one this year?


Richard said...

So you mange to send chocolates without eating them!

Frizbe said...