Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Year!

Hello blog readers, hope you're all having a great New Year, yes I know this post is a little late to be mentioning that, but better late than never eh!
Things have been a tad busy here, hence my other frizforthewin blog got abandoned too, right about the time we moved house and lost web connection for 2.5 weeks (ARGGGGHHHHHH I hear you gasp?!)
We'll it's all sorted now, but I don't recommend moving house 3 weeks before Xmas.....especially with the whole Santa thing to do, let alone trying to find the rest of...well...everything you've ever accumalated....particularly in the snow, as we did......I'm surprised I'm still sane (at least I think I am? answers on the comments please!)
Currently our New Year has started with all the kids deciding to be ill, oh the joys of cleaning up sick.....and now we're onto the horrible coughing bit, poor dd2 is sounding very rough.....might have to go to the Dr's with her yet :-(
Anyway it's late, so I'm off to bed! but I will post again soon :-) Have fun until then!


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apple pie said...

umm its 2013 now. LOL! heh heh. hope uv had a great couple of years though. :-)

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