Thursday, 26 August 2010

A wedding!!

Oooh we're off to a wedding tomorrow for the day, not just any old wedding this one either, because it's at a zoo!! Chester Zoo to be precise I have to say our wonderful friends had a cracking idea getting married there, our kids are sooo excited! (as I do believe is theirs too) We apparently get to look around the zoo before the wedding, then afterwards apparently we get to play with the monkeys (more on this later of course!)
In the meantime I'm hoping I fit into one of two dresses that appear to be my options for wearing tomorrow....I've been that busy with work this last week or three that I've had no time to look for anything to wear! yikes......sure it will be ok!
Keep your fingers crossed that the weather clears up ok, we need a lovely day for the bride and her groom :-)

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