Sunday, 4 July 2010

10 Seconds to myself

So what do you think of the new blog layout then? I've had 10 seconds to myself today! or at least that's how it feels, despite the kids being away at the grandparents for the weekend, husband and I have had so much to catch up on and do! (like spend an evening together, that's not at work or talking about work!) At last I've found the time to tinker and post though, hopefully will be doing a bit more of that, now that we're getting straighter :-) with life, work etc. I've even had time to read a few of my friends blogs too :-)


Richard said...

Yep like the new layout, I've not blogged for a while either.

Apryl said...

if I blog then I can still pretend I'm writing... at least writing twee little stories for the little monster dolls I have been making recently.