Monday, 10 May 2010

Little and Large Craft Swapping

Dd1 and I decided to partake in a craft swap to help pass the Easter holidays, as she loves creating and crafting things, I thought this would be an ideal thing for us to do during the hols, which are usually wet and horrible, particularly as I was mainly off work! Typcially it decided to be lovely and sunny and thus the whole close came out to play for the two weeks, so dd1 didn't make quite as much stuff as she usually would have done for the swap, but as it was billed as adults too, I got cracking and I hope our recipients liked what we did for them. The picture above contains dd1's peg doll and bracelet, all made by her, then the Tooth Fairy pillow and the Head Band were crafted by myself. I added goodies from Lush, as noted on the swap info, along with some chocolate, Oreos and two packets of Tinker Bell sweets recently arrived from USA from dd1's friend H. (dd1 wanted to share, as you can't get them here!)

In return we got the goodies in the picture above, plus some yummy Green n Blacks Butterscotch Chocolate for me! As you can see we have a great Lion, Horse (who glows in the dark) and bracelet made by our small swapee for dd1. The fantastic knitted Pokemon, were knitted by our large swappee, who is a genius! if I'm right we have a Piccachu and a Jumpluff, plus a great Mario Mushroom :-) apparenlty they're amigurumi
I think you have to be more talented than I am to knit them, but I must say I am quite tempted to give it a go when I get time! dd1 is very impressed and will be taking them to Pokemon Hobby League with her this week, I bet all the kids will want them :-)

Gah I'm out of time, I have to dash to school, more from me soon! (ish) in my terms of blogging at the moment, that will be about another three weeks.....bye!

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