Sunday, 15 February 2009


Well dh outdid himself yesterday, not only did I get the huge bouquet (pictured above) I also had a lovely morning out with him. Baby/child sitting was arranged and off we went. 1st to Belper, breakfast at Fresh Basil Dh had a fry up, I had Eggs Benidict, yummy. Then we popped over to the chocolate shop, as dh hadn't been in there before we the sauntered down the main street, until we got to the newish alternative store there, which has some lovely clothing, shoes etc and they're planning to expand into all sorts of things, including Comics......well the more the merrier is what I say!
We then sauntered upto the farmers market and perused a furniture shop that just wouldn't be done with the kids. Some time left enabled us to drive out to Scarthin Books, where we did coffee, cake and perused for a while. Lovely day.


Apryl said...

lovely day.. not been to Scarthin books for ages.. in fact I think the last time might have been with your for your birthday last year! we watched a dvd and had nachos.. with the exchange of a zombie card and some coconut chocolates that had a discount sticker and dust on top of the box.. ho hum

Richard said...

Nice flowers and nice picture of them, last time I was in Scarthin books we had pot of tea without tea in it.