Sunday, 22 February 2009

A glimpse of spring

So I went into the garden today to play ball with dd2 and we finally spotted some new life emerging from the ground. Eventually the above photo will contain some lovely yellow daffodils, but at present, ours being the most forsaken garden on the planet, a few shoots is all that's being managed.
The crocuses are making headway here though! (although I did find a poor purple specimen elsewhere that couldn't support the flower head on top, poor little weakling)
Finally a little fairly lonesome snowdrop, I don't know why these don't grow so well in our garden, maybe the grubs or squirrells eat them?
My quick look around the garden did set me thinking though. I do think a bit of remedial work is needed out there, I can see certain weeds getting a good foothold already and the grass is starting to escape the lawn in places and invade my border, so I guess that needs a dig.
Next doors bamboo invasion needs sorting out too, before it reaches our lawn, as that stuff digs in for miles if you let it. I'm also debating getting a small greenhouse, but as I'm sure I've blogged before, those cheap ones, just blow out of our wind ridden landscape.
This year I'm fancying growing more of our own veg, but without a greenhouse it takes far too long to ripen. We managed carrotts and spring onions last year and the usual tomatoes, but they all took ages to get anywhere compared to my friends with the glasshouses, who kept donating me courgettes, tomatoes, potatoes etc, so as I like growing things, I figure a small investment will be worth it in the long run.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried your local adtrader paper or freecycle group for a greenhouse? This is a good time of year to get someone's old one, especially if you're not adverse to dismantling it yourself?

Frizbe said...

Good plan, thanks Vonnie!

Flame said...

Our garden needs attacking - me n children want to dig up one end for veg this year. Boy less convinced (what with doing the digging).