Tuesday, 3 July 2007


This is it! I'm on a roll, not only have I purchased filler, for the bit where the curtain rail fell off the wall a few years ago, but I've gone and put the stuff in the hole/on the wall as well......not only that I've done the holes in the en-suite as well (shelves fell off the wall).
As you may have guessed our walls are not good at holding things up. I should have guessed about the curtains, when the guide 'your new house' said to only put blinds up :-O , but being British, a nation of curtain lovers, up they went.....and down they came. Currently they're back up, being held up by 4 brackets, which means, yep, I can't actually close them. This is what happens when you leave your husband and your father, both builders by trade, in a room with four brackets and a curtain pole. Sigh. Still at this rate, I might actually get around to decorating sometime soon, the colour and staining on our lovely magnolia (ish) walls dictates I should.


Meridian Ariel said...

good for you, i'm still waiting for a nice couple of days to repaint, h's room, but I guess I could probably get the paint first *g*

Meridian Ariel said...

still not painted due to this being plague house but i did bake a cake today *g*