Monday, 2 July 2007

The Dentist/Yorkshire!

Ouch! have had to go to the dentist today. After our lovely weekend in Yorkshire, I've gone down with moderate toothache. It actually started last Thursday, but I've managed to numb it both Friday and Saturday with booze ;-) but this am, having finally sobered up, something had to be done about it. A 1.45 hr wait later in the dentist and I got seen, got some drugs and managed to get their next proper appointment in 2.5 weeks to be drilled out and re filled (the old filling has a minute hole, so things have been niggling away behind it). They have 5 dentists on the go and I have to wait that long for an appointment, unreal. If it still hurts on Friday, they've told me to pop back for a repeat prescription.....I think I may end up going back. So have had to beg my lovely friend Meridian to babysit both girls in two weeks! Still they can all have fun giggling at my frozen mouth when I get back, coffee through a straw please!

We all enjoyed Yorkshire at the weekend, made a change for me to be at the seaside with dh in tow, as usually its me and the girls round at PorthCawl in the rain, when they're bored of the tent on a wet event! We had fish and chips for lunch as you do, then headed for our friends with a smattering of grazing cheese, wine and cheesecake. My friend has just qualified as a Reflexologist, so had a fiddle with our feet, apparently my tooth should have been hurting, and lo it did today!! my hip is apparently dodgy (it is genetically a bit clicky, dd1's was out when she was born) and my uterus is tender, takes time after kids to settle apparently. Dh has a dodgy bladder and sore gums! Dd2 decided to amuse us all about 11pm and got up for 3.5hrs, dh's fault as we were doing pick up, put down (think she got woken by the rain) but then he brought her downstairs, so that was that. Madam didn't want to go back to bed, in fact she was most perturbed to find herself in bed with us and carried on screaming (even though calpol had been added) I woke just as it was getting light, to find her hogging the whole bed in between dh and I, on a diagonal slant. At this point she went back into her own cot.

Sunday saw us all on a lovely short walk in a square fashion with the kids through the fields surrounding our friends house. Dd2 loved the puddles. I had to physically pick her up and carry her into my friends house for dinner, as she didn't want to get out of the one at the bottom of the drive :-) Dd1 most enjoyed playing with our friends boys. Fabulous Sunday roast, courtesy of our friends as well, dh even got to go to the pub without me or the kids in tow before hand, so that made him very happy. We headed home about 3.30, as I could see a storm approaching, and I wanted to get us all in the car dry. It was a magnificent storm too, we drove through it, on the way back to York, floods all over the roads and some great lightening strikes!
Just a shame I've gotten this damn toothache today.


Richard said...

Help! Dentist, I think all dentists are like the Steve Martin Character in Little shop of Horrors, why else would you become a dentist apart from the money and plenty of work that is.

So what is Porthcawl like, with all the times I've been to Bridgend I've never seen the place.

Frizbe said...

Tis ok for a small seaside town, kinda like Skeg was before too much tatt.....has coney island theme park! lol.....nice beach,sandy, gentle slope into sea. Horses n donkeys, nice bowling green n park, small harbour and a fabulous Italian Ice Cream and coffe place! (on the front round near the 'winter gardens' type place. High street is similar to Alfreton, but has a Woolies!