Monday, 13 April 2009

A trip up North

Fishing Boats moored on the river.

The harbour is just around the corner.

Where's the pirates?

Ah there they are!

A view to the beach at Staithes.

Ok I'm working backwards here, because I did the stuff in this post at the Beginning of the kids Easter Holidays, but here goes!
Friday 3rd April, kids break up from school, dh and I do the decent thing and promptly take them to the grandparents for the weekend! Oh, I know this sounds callous, but this was to be our wedding anniversary weekend away, ok so it was a few weeks late, but better late than never and the kids got spoilt with a trip to the seaside whilst they were there and anyone who know us, will know the GP's (as we shall call them) didn't have the kids at all last year, so this year, they're unwittingly making up for it!

Dh and I made our way to York, to the lovely Premier Inn and had a lovely night, eating and drinking in the pub next door, followed by wonderful sleep, not disturbed by anyone or anything. Shame we couldn't say this on the next evening, when the bit of the pub we were in got invaded by 5 families (count 'em) of loud Liverpudlians, who proceeded to sit, women, kids and blokes across the whole area on seperate tables, then shouting across to each other........they also set the fire alarm off at 7am the next morning, not impressed. But anyway I digress.....

Saturday was spent wondering around Harrogate first, with dh and I miss timing breakfast at every cafe we attempted to go into, ie they'd all just stopped serving by 5 mins.......teach us to be leisurely in our all day breakfasts up there! that we found anyway. So we browsed shops and book stores, then bailed out back to York for the afternoon, where we made ourselves at home in Borders, Neros and several other random stores, as we pootled around savouring the atmosphere.
Sunday we headed upto Redcar to see Mark and Amanda. As it was Marks 50th Birthday, we all headed to Staithes, on the Cleveland Coast, for a spot of lunch, at a fabby proper music and local type pub, that M & A have been gigging at recently. All lunched out, we headed down the hill to see what the village was like, and boy is it lovely, as the photos will attest to. A 'reete' good piratey place, if ever I saw one, which has been turned mainly by the looks of it, into holiday lets or gift shops, galleries and restaurants. Beautiful all the same, as I hope you can see from the pictures above.
I'll fill you in on the rest of Easter later on this week, but sleep beckons for now and work has to be done for rather a long time tomorrow, so until the next time, adieu.

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Richard said...

Nice photos, Staithes looks like one to add to the list of possible places to visit.