Thursday, 25 September 2008

I bet the kids won't get up in the morning.....

Cause Meridian and I kept them out far too late tonight!

Oopse bad parents we are, we ran off down to Asda (Walmart) in Spondon, to look at/purchase a few Halloween goodies for that fantastic evening that is Halloween.

I'm so glad that the English are starting to have fun with it like they do in the states, although I have to admit, that most of the stuff I brought, is for the shop, as its our Pokemon Evening, so I'll be there with lots of kids in tow having scarey fun. We also need to do the windows up for the month, so should look good now, with the bits I've brought! I still need to go to Sainsburys for the giant spiders though, as they have the best I've seen this year!

Meridian is now kitted out with stuff for her son's birthday party too, so all good there. dd1 and dd2 have new outfits for the day too, dd1 has gone girl devil, whilst dd2 witch, minus the hat, as it was the last costume on the rail in her size, and she wanted that one and only that one, but at aged 2.5 I doubt she'll wear a hat anyway?

What have I got? I purchased a 'bad fairy wig' so if you want to see what that looks like, may I suggest you visit the shop on halloween, or hope someone gets a photo of me in it! well it was that or the pink bob wig, that's lurking in the larp kit.......which reminds me, I have some bloodied angel wings in the loft......

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Richard said...

Hope to see the embarrassing photo ;)

Always chance to pick up cheap props for larp during halloween.