Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Ok I'm getting on with it

Ok, ok point taken Richard, I've not been posting enough, random unconnected comments, yes I get the hint.

I've been busy alrighty?

What? you have been too?? mainly in our shop.....ok, point taken, Frizbe must make more time to blog.

Sooooo here's what's been going on.

Meridian came home, which was nice, poor woman had us camped out at her's for two days, in jubilation of the fact that decent company and coffee had arrived back in town. Now her neighbours have royally pissed her off, by letting their staffy dogs, stand on the table, next to the fence, over which they can leap if they want and eat all of our combined children, which is not good, so she's looking to move house. Hurrah, I can exercise my favourite passtime of house hunting :-) Sad I know, but its the builders daughter in me, I'd so love to develop, just not ever had the cash or the sense to save it. (me wasted my money in my yonger years, ahem)

Damn annoying for Meridian though, as the neighbour has her head in the sand about the dogs totally....she even avoids answering the door....and today cut the grass without shifting the muck, you can imagine the smell......poor Meridian, I hope they get a quick sale.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, or Chimera shop as it goes, here's what we've been upto.

International Comic Book Day on Sat 3rd of May was very busy, the girls, dh, Bridgette and I spent the morning in the shop, with dd1 helping give out bags to put comics in, which made her very happy to be useful and working. Then the mob got restless, so we bailed out for lunch, which turned into dh not wanting the kids back in the shop, even after good behaviour, so we went to Meridians as detailed above.

Prior to that the previous weekend was the Ascendancy Battle at the shop, which was attended by Richard, Julie, Mike, Jock, poorly dh (tell you about that in a mo) Jack, Sam and Colin, Richard and Amy for a few mins. I had initally thought it looked like the players were fighting over a giant cucumber, but was rapidly assured this was not the case :-) and that it was infact an amplifying artifact. Anyway full details can be found here www.ascendancylrp.co.uk but sufice to say the players just managed to win this one, phew. After it was all over, Julie, Richard, Mike and Jack(or is it Dave really) came back to ours for Chinese, which was lovely as usual, then I tempted people with M&S nibbles I'd grabbed on the way back from picking up Gabe the night before, tis rude to drive past M&S Food, without visiting surely? Have to say they do the best rocky road I've tasted, way better than Starbucks, and slightly better than Meridians, sorry M.

Dh was nursing his injury on Saturday, this being due to his 2nd vascetomy operation, one of these days, the big stud that he is will stop producing sperm. He'd had to go back for a 2nd op, as due to major healing factor, one of his tubes, upon closer inspection by the operating Dr, had apparenlty re sealed itself......good job we waited for those test samples, I know a few people who didn't, all of whom were aghast to hear our story.

Sure there is lots more to tell, but its late and brain fried. More anon.


Richard said...


I would say I could easily become addicted M&S cake nibbly things, pity I'm trying and failing to watch my weight.

Frizbe said...

I'll watch you weight for you! lol