Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The weeklong!

Ok, so we're home and just about adjusting to life after the Shards weeklong event

I'm still feeling very tired, not helped by us all having to be at the Dr's today at 8.10 re Andy having the snip! All booked now though......mid September, yikes for him.

I hope everyone had a good time at the weeklong event. It seemed to go well, even if the arrival of the pirates on Thursday night threw the players who had been there all week, as they revived some old plot from 5 years ago and attempted to top one of the main NPC's......(good job it was his doppleganger eh!) and everyone who followed to find out where he'd gone!
I seem to have an assorted collection of bruises, mainly on the knees, although I can feel one lurking on my arm, but its not put in a proper appearance yet! I got away with only one hit to the eye as well (Oli!!) so not too bad a week, although I may have trapped a nerve in my lower back, as getting the odd twinge there too down my left leg, I blame the summersault over OJ after he tackled my legs.......So anyway a huge thanks to everyone who came (should anyone read this!) we hope you had a great time and mega thanks to the ever enthusiastic crew! We love you all.

The weather was good once we got the first weekend out of the way, the few bad days, the Saturday and Monday caused me to locate Bridgends outlet mall and partake in Starbucks, whilst the kids played on their covered playframe, shucks eh! to be fair we did try softplay on the Monday, but it was closed for a special needs session.

We got to the beach twice as well, once on the Wed morning, when Meridian and her ds and dh came down. That was Porth Cawl (SP) always nice in the sun, even the water was warm for paddling! and then again on the Thurs when we took an am trip to Barry Island. Again a great beach and dd2 took delight in waving at the planes on the flight path into Cardiff International every 10 minutes or so.

So now I have to get down to business and do some work, more on that soon!


Richard said...

That adjusting to life after the Weeklong is always difficult.

Despite a few minor gripes over the last weekend I had a great time, and can't wait for more and the next Weeklong which I really hope happens.

Being a non combatant saves you many of the major pain's and is highly recomended.

Julie said...

Still adjusting over here and we've been home for three days. Mostly, we seem to be catching up on a lot of sleep and doing endless piles of laundry. :-S

I had a great time and I'm sure that Dave did too. What is more, he didn't spend huge chunks of the week wandering around in his pajammas like last year!

Just a couple more events to go and then roll on next year. :)

Meridian Ariel said...

wehad a great time jsut comming down for the two days, too bad that M got that stomach bug but it was a lovely time on the beach, and H had so missed playing with the girls. We will have to come again sometime obviously M wouldn't do the camping (*** hotel is his idea of roughing it) but he would still take photos for you i'm sure as he had fun doing so on the tuesday.